Program Level: The program is classified as basic and recommended to new personnel working in the regulatory policy community.

Topics to be covered

  • Regulatory, consumer, and industry perspectives on ratemaking
  • Economic basis for regulation
  • Legal basis for regulation
  • Prefiling briefing for the mock rate case
  • Basics of utility rate setting
  • Choosing the test year
  • Developing the rate base
  • Getting started on the mock rate case
  • Balance sheets and income statements
  • Expenses, depreciation, and taxes
  • Cost-adjustment mechanisms
  • Corporate finance and cost of capital
  • Ratemaking issues for energy utilities
  • Cost allocation and rate design
  • Summation panel for the case

Don’t just take our word for it!

“It was a learning experience like no other. I made friendships and contacts to last an entire career.”

“I work in corporate accounting at a utility. This gave me the whole picture of what goes into utility billing and how my company is regulated.”

”There is nothing like learning from your peers.  I traveled from British Columbia to attend and met another regulator from France.”