What is NARUC Rate School?

NARUC’s Utility Rate School has been a success story for more than 45 years!

Rate School is an affordable, comprehensive, course offering students the fundamentals of utility rate making by working on a “mock” utility rate case – Suburban Water. By the end of the class students will be have developed a revenue requirement for Suburban and will ready to design rates.

Working in teams of various disciplines, together with an experienced coach, students will learn:

  • The economic and legal basis for cost of service regulation;
  • Basic ratemaking adjustments;
  • How to develop a rate-base;
  • The intricacies of the rate of return statement;
  • How to calculate the cost of equity and overall cost of capital;
  • Rate design and cost of service methodologies;
  • Current trends impacting the water and energy industries.

This casual, interactive, hands-on atmosphere and experienced faculty make the perfect setting for learning and preparing students for a real rate case.

Rate School is held twice a year, in San Diego, California in May and Clearwater, Florida in October.

Who Should Attend?

In an era with increasing utility infrastructure investment, rate cases will occur more frequently before Commissions and will be more significant than in the last number of years.

Whether you are a State Commissioner or Policymaker; Municipal Utility Official, Commission staffer, Administrative Law Judge, Accountant, Auditor, Financial Analyst, Consumer Advocate, Attorney, Engineer, Economist, Journalist, or Wall Street Analyst, this Rate School is for you!

Whether you need a basics introduction or a refresher course this Rate School is for you!