Rate School is an affordable, comprehensive, course offering students the fundamentals of utility rate making by working on a “mock” utility rate case – Suburban Water. By the end of the class students will be have developed a revenue requirement for Suburban and will ready to design rates.  Final Western Rate School Agenda

For specific questions about the agenda, contact Cathy Pedemonti  at Cathy.Pedemonti@ct.gov

Topics by Day

  • Monday will consist of the basics of utility rate-making, then a discussion of rate year and rate-base, followed by group work on the rate-base;
  • Tuesday students will develop the rate of return statement by working through revenue and expense adjustments;
  • Wednesday topics will include a panel discussion of industry trends and discussion of finance concepts followed by group work on the cost of equity and cost of capital;
  • Thursday students will work on revenue apportionment and rate design;
  • Friday is graduation proceeding by a summation panel of the mock rate case.